Pastor John Omerod

Pastor John Omerod is leading our congregation in thoughful and inspiring words each Sunday.

Pamela Kula, Church Secretary

Pam has been our Church Secretary since the start of 2016, and does her part to keep the church and it’s congregation moving and organized.  

Michelle Drawz, Church Librarian

Michelle has been a member of our congregation for years, as well and because of her talents she was ‘called’ to take control of our Church Library. Since becoming the librarian, Michelle has filled our little room of many wonderful and different genres of books to keep even the busiest reader wanting to come back for more.

Roger Hatfield, Custodian

With Roger’s unique abilities to do just about anything that needs done, he keeps the church looking cared for.  He has been a member of ECUCC since he was a boy and has lots of stories to tell, if asked.