Vision Statement

for 2022 - "Renewing Our Family of Faith and Love"




Past Vision Statements:

1999:     “Putting Christ First”                      2008:     “Answering God’s Call”
2000:     “Following God’s Lead”                 2009:     “Celebrating 150 Years of Discipleship”
2001:     “Living for Christ…Today!”            2010:     “God’s Leading the Way”
2002:     “Celebrating God’s Love”              2011:     “Been There, Done That, Gonna Do It Again”
2003:     “Sharing God’s Gifts”                     2012:     “Moving Forward with God’s Hand”
2004:     “Faith Lights the Way”                   2013:     “For God’s Sake, DO Something!”
2005:     “Led by the Spirit”                          2014:     “Reflecting God’s Light”
2006:     “Let Go and Let God”                    2015:       "Our Doors are Always Open!"
2007:     “Faith is the Answer”                     2016:      "God Is Always With Us"

                                                                    2017:      "Sharing God's Love"

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