Worship Ministry

             The Worship Ministry Group consists of the following members: Wilma Phillips, Barb Raymond, Penny Dennin and Ralph Shelkey who is also the liaison to the Executive Council. The meetings are held once per month and the meeting dates are set at each meeting. The members serve two year terms and can serve a maximum of six consecutive years. The meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall of the church. Minutes of each meeting are documented by Wilma Phillips and are posted to the Executive Council. All members of the group are volunteers and approved by the congregation.

             This report is for Sept 1, 2014 thru Aug 31, 2015. This timeline was approved by the Executive Council in order to accommodate members that migrate to Florida for the winter. This gives them the opportunity to vote at the church annual meeting.
             The Worship Ministry Group strives to conform to the guidelines of the church constitution. Some of the functions performed during the last year are listed below.
             The Worship Ministry Group fills the candles after each service, purchases and prepares the wine and bread for the Communion service each month, cleans up after the Communion service, changes the paraments on the chancel, checks to make sure there are flowers on the chancel, cleans up the pews after worship, replenishes the attendance pads, sharpens the pew pencils, replenishes the pew envelopes, recruits ushers for worship, decorates the chancel for fall, helps in preparing for Memorial Sunday, organizes Hanging of the Greens and  organizes the  preparation and cleaning of the candles and blue candleholders for the Christmas Eve Service.
             The candelabras aren’t used anymore except for special occasions such as weddings and Easter, in order to save on candle oil. They are stored in the Sacristy, the room behind the choir.
             Wilma Phillips sent a thank you note to the Teaching & Learning Ministry Group for their work in creating ‘Wee Folk Bags” for the older children. The responsibility for keeping the Wee Folk Bags up-to-date has been moved from the Worship Ministry Group to the Teaching & Learning Group per Pastor Bill.
             Ralph served as custodian for the wedding of Rylie Carter and Brian Roubal on Sept 20.  A relative of the family performed the wedding. He felt that the family got a good impression of our church.
             The Christ Our Light Anglican Church uses our church building for services on Saturday evenings as approved by the Executive Council. They have agreed to pay a fee of $75.00 per service for our Building Fund. They have also agreed to help our church members during our annual cleaning day. They will be using our altar candles and thus have agreed to help with the expenses of the candle oil.
             The Acolyte Program and Music Committee are under the auspices of the Worship Ministry Group. Pastor Bill Riegle has agreed to coordinate the scheduling of the Acolytes. The Music Committee members are Arlene Wold, Doug Peters, Karen Thompson, Mike Dugan, Marcia Lee and Pastor Bill Riegle.
             The Total Expenditures of the Worship Ministry Group for
January thru July 2015 were $452.83, which consisted of Children’s Bulletins ($103.60-which are paid for by a church member) and Music ($375.13 which included a new piano light with bulbs, a guest choir director & music).

Ralph Shelkey
Worship Ministry Executive Council Liaison

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